About the Chinese Brush Art Supplies

The natural materials made art supplies are what I recommend to practice, if accessible in your area. Such as Chinese bamboo brushes, ink, Chinese painting colour, rice paper, and painting pad, etc. A detailed instruction for using art supplies is conducted in each course.

It doesn't really matter what brand and size you use, as it does that you spend time to connect your inner feeling and art materials to develop your personal experience. It is not a many hours repeating practice to get one proficient technique for something. It is who you are and how you can reach your capability.

If you want to use regular watercolour sets for the course practice, please be notified that some artistic feature may not work same as demonstrated, because the materials are different in between.

Basic Chinese Art Supplies You will Need:


You will need two kind of brushes, the soft and the firm hair brushes and both are pointed round shape. The soft hair brush usually is white which is made of goat hair for tinting and washes techniques. The firm or stiff hair brush is in brown colour and made of wolf hair to be used for line drawing and contour works.

Rice paper:

Absorbent rice paper which may be called as Xuan paper, or raw rice paper, or Sumi Paper, etc. You may get rice paper as a single sheet or in a roll pack.

Black ink:

Chinese ink, or Japanese ink or Korean ink. Please do not use stationary ink as it is made from chemical based material and may turn to purple after it dries out.

There are two types of ink. The popular one is liquid form stored in a ink bottle and can be used immediately for practice. The traditional one usually is in ink stick or ink cake form, you will need a ink stone to get ink stick grinded in it with little water.


Chinese painting colour, or Japanese painting colour, in 12-tube pack or more, some may be sold in a small tray with filled cream paint in it. Usually it contains basic colours: White, Gamboges Yellow, Vermillion Red, Cinnabar Red, Carmine Red, Rouge Red, Burnt Sienna, Green #3, Blue #3, Phthalo blue, Indigo Blue and Coal Black. Any additional colours are always welcomed.

If you can't find the above paint, you may use watercolour paint to practice. Please be notified that some of the feature may not be the same as you expected.

Painting Pad:

Wool made painting carpet is the professional quality product. However you may also use white felt which is cheaper and easy to get from art supply stores, or fabric stores. The painting pad is used to be placed behind the rice paper for holding wetness of the strokes and wash applied on paper.


A simple white plastic or pottery palette with wells and open space for mixing colours. Also you may use several white trays, a small one for ink, and a big one for mixing colours.

Water container:

two containers will be ideal, one for cleaning brushes and one for bringing wash feature for practice.

Paper towel:

for blotting a wet brush or testing stroke.

You may get these art supplies from local art supply stores, online stores or local China town art stores or book stores.


Please reach me at [email protected], I will try my best to support.